Taboo Studio Records


The studio consists of a wide control room accurately calibrated for 2.0 and 5.1 surround mix, two recording environments communicating and acoustically isolated from each other to allow simultaneous recording of multiple separate elements; both are equipped for dubbing, and for recording any musical instrument.
The studio is also supplied with link to external studios, so that we can record an actor, or a musician, from anywhere in the world.
All rooms are provided with climate control and air change system.


Recording Hardware Mixing surface
Digidesign Pro tools HD Digidesign Control 24
Computer Software
Mac G5 Dual core 2Ghz PCIe RAM 3Ghz Digidesign Pro Tools 7.1, reason 3.0, several plugins, virtual instruments and synthesizers
Midi – Samplers Sounds
Midi Guitar, Edirol PCMR 50 Keyboard controller, Roland Gr1, AKAI MPC 2000 Large self produced samples and sound effects library
Microphones Pre e Compressors
Neuman TLM 103
AKG 200 Perception (pair)
Sure SM 58
Shure SM 57
Sony MS 907 stereo
Audio Tecnica MBDK7 (drum set)
Focusrite ISA 428 (4 channels)
focusrite contro 24 (16 channels)
Beringer mic 100 Valve
Focusrite octopre (8 channels)
Behringer DI 100 DI box


  • Ibanez S540 Frank Gambale electric guitar
  • Yamaha APX 700 acustic Guitar
  • Yamaha classic guitar
  • ASAMA electric bass
  • Birimbau
  • Cavaquinho
  • Pandeiro
  • Tamborim
  • Timbal
  • Bongos
  • Many shakers and percussions