Taboo Studio Records

Audio postproduction, commercial works


Whether that to strengthen a dramatic intention in a film, or a marketing goal in a campaign, we explore every style and sound to take advantage of the evocative power of music and sound to comunicate, through a universal language, emotions in an immediate way.

  • Music composing & production (Jiingles, soundtracks, soundalikes)
  • Arrangements
  • Custom sound design
  • 2.0 & 5.1 surround mix for all medias (Cinema, TV, Radio, Home Video, Web…)
  • Sound logo creation
  • Custom sound effects
  • Foley recording & editorial
  • Dialogue editorial
  • Sound effects editorial
  • Music editorial
  • Audio restore & noise reduction
  • Voice-over recording, casting ,direction
  • ADR (Additional Dialogue Replacement) recording and & matching
  • Foreign language dubbing
  • Live connection & recording from all over the world
  • Sound supervising
  • Music supervising
  • Music & libraryes reserch
  • 2.0 to 5.1 surround transformation for cinema commercials & traylers