Taboo Studio Records

Audio postproduction


Taboo is also an independent recording label (Taboo Records) and a high-tech, acoustically accurate, and creative recording studio for bands, musicians and producers
Some of our recording productions like Meccaniche invisibili, or Colours of Her, have had several weeks of rotation on the top position of the All Music TV “osservati speciali” chart , programming in several Italian and Swiss national radio stations, and positive reviews on publications such as La Stampa, Blow Up, Il mucchio, La republica, among others.


  • Spazio Vuoto

    Meccaniche Invisibili


    Taboo Records
    Music & lirycs: Andrea Ponzano
    Music Production: Andrea Ponzano
    Executive producer: Paolo Soravia
    Director: Beniamino Catena

  • Truck

    Meccaniche Invisibili


    Taboo Records
    Music: Carlos Duba/Andrea Ponzano
    Lirycs: Carlos Duba/Adrian mellin
    Music production: Andrea Ponzano
    Director: Dadomani studio

  • Man My Money



    Taboo Records
    Music&lyrics: Spleenveil
    Music production: Andrea Ponzano/Spleenveil
    Director: Alberto Minghella