Taboo Studio Records

Audio postproduction

Taboo Studio: Audio Postproduction – Music Composition – Sound Design

Taboo Studio is an audio post-production studio specializing in music production and sound design for advertising, TV, cinema and radio industry.

Based near Milan since 2006, Taboo Studio takes care of every creative and technical aspect of sound production for commercials, animations, films, TV series, videogames, corporate videos, and any other audio-video product: from writing and producing music to dubbing and voice-over, from sound effects and foley production, to 5.1 surround mix.

In theese years Taboo Studio has been working for clients across different countries like UK, Brasil and Lebanon, beside Italy.
Advertising agencies and video production companies like EuroRSCG, Saatchi&Saatchi, Ogilvy, Verba DDB, Dadomani Studio, Piana films, Dlkwlowe, relyed on Taboo Studio services for clients like Ducati, Renault, GSK, Campari, Danone, Tim, Sky, Lavazza, Audi Bank, RCS, Sisal, Unilever, between others.

Passion and care for details are the foundation of Taboo Studio work; creativity, expertise and professionalism, the means by which Taboo Studio put at the service of your projects